ESPN Radio Host Freddie Coleman – 2014 NFL Preview – Huddle Up With The Daves Episode 040

image            ESPN Radio Host Freddie Coleman joins us to breakdown the NFC East.  The Seahawks will not have the 12th man in the playoffs this year – say what?  Which new teams will be crashing the NFL playoff party this year and which teams from last year will be left home watching?  Division and conference breakdowns, playoff and Super Bowl XLIX predictions, a little sweating thrown in and a whole lot more!  Put it all together and you have the HUWTD’s 2014 NFL Preview – Enjoy everybody!

  1. NFC East with ESPN Radio Host Freddie Coleman – 3:18
  2. NFC Weat – 16:00
  3. NFC South – 21:04
  4. NFC North – 26:36
  5. AFC West – 34:00
  6. AFC South – 37:46
  7. AFC East – 40:42
  8. AFC North – 43:54

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