MLS vs. The World – Huddle Up With The Daves Episode 037

lunch                The 2014 FIFA World Cup is over and now the great soccer debate is on. MLS or spread out over the world, where should the members of the U.S. team play?  NBA free agency is here and gone but before it all went down the Daves knew where Lebron was going.  Joey Chestnut won Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog eating contest again but that’s not the only crazy amounts competitive eaters eat – Hint: look at the picture.  It’s hot outside so come on in, sit down, and Huddle Up – it’s episode 37 Baby!

  1. Dave and DJ soccer debate – 1:13
  2. Magic 8 Ball – 15:42
  3. Would You Rather – 22:18
  4. Top 5 – 32:05
  5. Fact or Crap? – 36:31
  6. Tackle Box – 41:05

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