Huddle Up With The Daves – Episode 034

baseballCloud formation                   The Miami Heat are proving once again they are the best in the Eastern Conference and the team to beat in the NBA.  Ray Rice will be disciplined by the NFL but will it be more than what Colts owner Jim Irsay will get?  Would You Rather – get hit in the head with a hit baseball or a golf ball size piece of hail and DJ and Triple D have an epic spelling bee – well not really epic!  All that and a whole lot more so Huddle Up and enjoy!

  1. Headlines – 1:14
  2. Would You Rather – 9:31
  3. Magic 8 Ball – 18:12
  4. What the ________is that? – 21:34
  5. Top 5 – 23:05
  6. Fact or Crap – 29:32
  7. What’s in your Tackle Box? – 31:27

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