Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Mark – Huddle Up With The Daves Episode 029

imageThe Doctor is in!  Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Mark joins us to discuss the back of Tiger Woods, the hamstring of Jose Reyes, ACL’s, HGH and a whole lot more – “Hey, don’t play on the pole!”  Oh yeah, is John Calipari turning in his Kentucky blue grass for California sun?  Spring is here – enjoy everybody!

  1. Magic 8 Ball – 1:09
  2. Headlines – 7:41
  3. Interview with Dr. Mark – Orthopedic Surgeon – 16:22
  4. What the _______ is that? – 33:35
  5. Fact or Crap – 37:17
  6. What’s in your Tackle Box? – 40:41

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