AFC/NFC Championship Preview – Huddle Up With The Daves – Episode 021

AFC-NFC Championships  

OVER!  Championship weekend is here and it’s over for two teams.  Are the 49ers going to be taken over again by Seattle and the 12th man?  Is this Peyton Manning’s last run before his career is over?  Speaking of careers, is A-Rod’s career over or will there be a 2015 saga?  Hey, don’t look now but the former Big East is taking over the ACC – or is it?  Attention NBA fans, the Miami Heat are still the best team when it comes to over – “over” what?  Sit down and huddle up until Episode 21 is over to find the answer to all these questions and more!

  1. Would You Rather – 1:00
  2. What the ______ is that? – 14:06
  3. All In – 17:16
  4. Weekly Top 5 – 19:37
  5. Headlines – 23:08
  6. Fact or Crap – 26:47
  7. Blockhead of the Week – 30:28
  8. What’s In Your Tackle Box? – 34:20

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