Tony Wise – Huddle Up With The Daves Episode 018

image                                         Holiday Huddle Up with Tony Wise!   Well our first guest on the show is Super Bowl champion coach Tony Wise and it was awesome.  We discussed the Super Bowl being in New York, the Great Wall – the Cowboys offensive line which was featured on “A Football Life” on the NFL Network, his work with Kyle Long of the Chicago Bears, and a lot more.  We also did our usual Top 5, Blockhead of the Week, and our new popular segment What the _____ is that!  So huddle up, enjoy, and thanks again to Coach Tony Wise you were great!  Happy Holidays from all of us at Huddle Up With The Daves!

  1. Would You Rather – 1:08
  2. All In – 6:50
  3. Headlines – 12:40
  4. What the ______ is that? – 20:01
  5. Weekly Top 5 – 22:31
  6. Fact or Crap – 25:17
  7. Blockhead of the Week – 27:44
  8. What’s in your tackle box? – 30:12

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