Huddle Up With The Daves Episode 017

image           IRON BOWL!          Chris Davis’ 109 yard field goal return was the highlight of a great weekend in sports, and if you missed it then I have one question for you – What the heck were you doing?  In the NBA, the Wild, Wild West is clearly better than a tamed East.  Hey New Orleans, the answer to your question “Who dat say they gonna beat them Saints?” the Seattle Seahawks (Super Bowl favorite) that’s who!  One more thing, on his way out of southern California Ed Orgeron runs into Lane Kiffin at LAX and they share a latte – Grande men don’t cry!  Huddle up and enjoy everybody!

  1. Headlines – 1:01
  2. What the _____ is that? – 22:07
  3. Would You Rather – 24:31
  4. Top 5 – 35:56
  5. Fact/Crap – 38:22
  6. Blockhead of the Week – 41:06
  7. What’s in your tackle box? – 43:23

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