Happy Thanksgiving! – Huddle Up With The Daves Episode 016

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA            Happy Thanksgiving!!                      Not only are the Kansas City Chiefs not undefeated they’re not Super Bowl contenders either.  Hey look, Chip Kelley has done something he couldn’t do at Oregon – First Place Baby!  Is Jimmie Johnson now considered on the same level as Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan and what would you do as a parent if your daughter’s head basketball coach bit her in the face?  And if you think that’s crazy Duke football is ranked in the top 25 – Holy Cow what a week in sports and that’s just skimming the surface of what’s in episode 16 – Huddle Up and enjoy!

  1. Headlines – 1:31
  2. What the ______ is that? – 15:06
  3. Would You Rather – 17:31
  4. Top 5 – 19:10
  5. Fact or Crap – 23:00
  6. Blockhead of the Week – 25:02
  7. What’s in your Tackle Box – 27:45


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