Huddle Up With The Daves Episode 014

image                                     HEADLINES!  David “Big Papi” Oritz, locked on or on something else during the World Series?  Did you see the World Series because Big Papi was your MVP, batting .688 second highest to only Barry Bonds.  Any questions, well “The Dave’s’” sure have some and we discuss them in detail!  Nick Foles ties an NFL record with 7 TD’s!  Are Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard smoking the same thing?   Rose said he is the best player in the NBA and Dwight Howard thinks the Orlando Magic should retire his jersey – come again?  Michael Carter Williams flirts with a quadruple double, what do A-Rod and a 4ft shark have in common, the BCS is in full swing, and a what’s in your tackle box you’ve got to hear.  So huddle up it’s getting cold outside – ENJOY!


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