September 24, 2016 – NFL in HD Week 2 Wrap-Up – Huddle Up With The Daves Episode 089


Which of the 0-2 teams are done, still have a chance, and will make the playoffs? Dr. Mark stops by and discusses injuries to #Patriot QB Jimmy Garropolo and #Vikings RB Adrian Peterson. The Eagles are off to a 2-0 start behind rookie QB Carson Wentz and who will win the NFC East? All that and a whole lot more so sit back and enjoy as the leaves start to fall!

1. Where Dave was Right – 1:58

2. Gambling Segment – 11:04

3. Dr. Mark (Orthopedic) discusses Garropolo and Peterson injuries – 12:16

4. Weekly Big Topic – 0-2 Teams – 21:46

5. By The Numbers – 30:24

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