April 3, 2016 – Review of Episode 7 “Heartbreak” on Huddle Up With The Hearties, A When Calls the Heart Podcast – Huddle Up With The Daves Episode 087

Heartbreak episode on when calls the heart

Do you need some reassurance that SEASON 4 IS GOING TO HAPPEN? Well, the answer might just be our latest episode of the Huddle Up With The Hearties, A When Calls the Heart Podcast. Before tonight’s episode, “Hearts in Question”, give yourself 20 minutes, download our latest episode below, and feel a whole lot better about SEASON 4 coming to Hope Valley! If you enjoy the show share it with a friend, like us on facebook at Huddle Up With The Hearties, and God Bless! Have a great day Hearties!

1. Aunt Caroline’s Arrival – :58

2. Mayor Gowen’s arrest – 3:20

3. Jack and Bill make an arrest – 4:46

4. Mayor Gowen’s Ultimatum to Nora – 6:14

5. Rosemary’s Dilemma – 7:32

6. Becky and Cody’s Farewell – 9:20

7. Preview of Episode 8 starring Brooke Shields – 13:14

8. Bible Verse of the Week (Psalm 34:18) – 14:28

9. Our Prediction – Season 4 is Happening – 16:54


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