January 30, 2016 – NFL in HD AFC & NFC Championship Game Wrap-Up with Howard and Dave – Huddle Up With The Daves Episode 082

Championship Games 2016 NFL

Super Bowl 50 is set – Did you have the Panthers and the Broncos?  If not for the Manning brothers the Patriots might have had a dynasty covering over a decade worth of Super Bowl victories. How did Peyton get the last laugh on Brady, should Coach Belichick have decided to kick the field goal on fourth and one with over six minutes left, and did Tom Brady yet again prove why he is the all-time greatest QB ever to play in the National Football League?  Howard and I have all those answers and so much more, so get in from the cold and enjoy the show!

1. Intro and Blizzard Conversation – :50

2. AFC Championship Game – Patriots vs. Broncos – 2:28

3. NFC Championship Game – Cardinals vs. Panthers – 20:26


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