January 9, 2016 – NFL in HD Week 17 Wrap-Up & Wild Card Playoff Preview with Howard and Dave – Huddle Up With The Daves Episode 078

2016 wild card weekend

Are you ready for Wild Card weekend in the NFL? Who has the better defense – the Chiefs or the Texans, who will win the rubber match between the Steelers and the Bengals, will the Vikings be able to avenge an earlier season loss to the Seahawks and beat the cold, and when the Packers take on the Redskins which QB will perform better – Aaron Rodgers or Kirk Cousins? If you, “Like that”, then you will love this episode. Stay warm and enjoy everybody!

1. Game of the Week – Chargers at Broncos – 1:24

2. Chiefs at Texans – 8:34

3. Steelers at Bengals – 13:08

4. Seahawks at Vikings – 16:46

5. Packers at Redskins – 20:38



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