November 29, 2015 – NFL in HD Week 11 Wrap-Up & Week 12 Picks with Howard and Dave – Huddle Up With The Daves Episode 072

New Orleans Saints v Carolina Panthers

Are you going to give thanks for your NFL team this Thanksgiving? Carolina Panther fans are thrilled with their blowout win over the Washington Redskins and so are we as that is our Game of the Week. What changes are there to our Weekly Top 5, we learn a lot about the NFL and Thanksgiving Day in our Fact or Crap and Dr. Mark is here to shed some light on Peyton Manning’s foot injury and what it means for Brock Osweiler and Bronco fans. Sit back, eat the last of your turkey and enjoy the NFL in HD!

1. Monologue on Johnny Manziel – 1:52

2. Game of the Week – Carolina and Washington – 11:42

3. Weekly Top 5 – 14:32

4. Fact or Crap – 18:16

5. Fill in the Blanks – 22:26

6. Dr. Mark – 28:26

7. Blockhead of the Week – 32:40

8. NFL Picks for Week #12 (Gambling Segment) – 34:52


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