November 21, 2015 – NFL in HD Week 10 Wrap-Up & Week 11 Picks with Howard and Dave – Huddle Up With the Daves Episode 071

peyton manning benched week 10

Is this Peyton Manning’s last year in the NFL? Should Peyton just retire or get healthy and try to play another year? Don’t look now but Sam Bradford is hurt again and backup Mark Sanchez just threw another red zone interception. Which teams are in and which teams are out of our Weekly Top 5 and if the playoffs started today who would Howard and Dave have winning Super Bowl 50? Sit back, relax and enjoy everybody as we discuss these topics and more!

1. Introduction to Week 10 – 1:24

2. Game of the Week – Patriots and Giants – 6:52

3. All In – 13:04

4. Fill in the Blanks – 21:50

5. Weekly Top 5 – 25:54

6. Playoff Scenarios – 28:56

7. NFL Picks Week 11 (Gambling Segment) – 33:14


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