October 31, 2015 – NFL in HD Week 7 Wrap-Up & Week 8 Picks with Howard and Dave – Huddle Up With The Daves Episode 068

Nfl in hd week 7 footballs stacked up

Who is being relocated to Los Angeles by the NFL? Our own Howard Balzer, St. Louis resident, was at the NFL relocation meeting in St. Louis this week and provides the inside scoop. Howard and I also wrap-up the game of the week between the Jets and the Patriots. In our rapid fire segment we discuss rookie of the year, worse NFL team, and most impressive win. Oh yeah, of course I give you my NFL picks for week 8. All that and a whole lot more – enjoy!

1.  NFL relocation meeting in St. Louis – 1:16

2. Game of the Week – 9:04

3. Rapid Fire – 13:24

4. Dr. Mark – 25:32

5. NFL Picks for Week 8 (Gambling Segment) – 29:50


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