October 17, 2015 – NFL in HD with Howard and Dave Week 5 Wrap-Up & Week 6 Picks – Huddle Up With The Daves Episode 066


Are the San Francisco 49ers better off without Jim Harbaugh? Should the Detroit Lions start looking for another QB via free agency or the draft? I ask my co-host Howard Balzer, voting member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, his thoughts on whether or not NY Giants starting QB Eli Manning is hall of fame material and what he needs to do if he’s not. Just like in poker we are All In in this episode of the NFL in HD on those topics and more, enjoy!

1. Monologue on the 49ers and Jim Harbaugh – 1:16

2. NFL in HD – 12:10

3. Game of the Week/ALL IN Segment – 16:18

4. NFL Week 6 Picks(Gambling Segment) – 35:56



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