June 27, 2015 – NFL Training Camp Special with Minnesota Vikings DE Brian Robison – Huddle Up With The Daves Episode 059

Brian Robison

It’s Baack – NFL training camps are opening up all around the country this week! Nine-year veteran DE from the Minnesota Vikings Brian Robison stopped by and provided an inside look at what goes on during an NFL training camp. We discussed the opening challenge the players face when they step on the field for the first time, the biggest thing rookies need to learn, what happened his rookie year at camp, two-a-days, food, fun, and a whole lot more. Sit back, relax, and take a break from the heat – enjoy everybody!

  1. Fill In the Blanks – 4:26
  2. All In – 10:38
  3. Would You Rather – 12:22
  4. Fact or Crap – 14:32


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