Police Sergeant Patrick Hildenbrand – Huddle Up With The Daves Episode 044

Sergeant Pat

Could you perform CPR while driving at a high rate of speed?  Is the NCAA being biased toward the University of North Carolina?  Which NFL Head Coach is #1 on our list of coaches on the hot seat?  How do people cheat in the sport of bass fishing?  The answers to all of these questions and more are answered in Episode 44.  Huddle Up and enjoy, the snowflakes are starting to fly.

  1. Headlines with Sergeant Hildenbrand – 1:12
  2. All In – 11:36
  3. Would You Rather – 18:06
  4. Weekly Top 5 – 21:33
  5. Who Would Win – 26:04
  6. Fact or Crap – 28:39
  7. What’s in your Tackle Box with Sergeant Hildenbrand – 32:07

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