Keith Olbermann Gets Ripped! – Huddle Up With The Daves Episode 042

photo_8804_20090101                Keith Olbermann rips Derek Jeter’s career – are you kidding me?  Have you seen the new cycling uniforms for the Columbia Men and Women’s National Team?  After four weeks of the NFL season we may want to change a pick or two, throw in the Weekly Top 5, Fact of Crap, and some zoo animals and Episode 42 is here!  Huddle up and enjoy!

  1. Keith Olbermann Ripped – 1:14
  2. Would You Rather – 12:22
  3. Headlines – 19:46
  4. Weekly Top 5 – 24:22
  5. Fact or Crap – 27:52
  6. What the ______ is that? – 30:54
  7. What’s in your Tackle Box? – 33:16

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