SB Nation’s MLB League Editor Steve Goldman – Huddle Up With The Daves Episode 041


SB Nation’s MLB League Editor Steve Goldman drops in to talk MLB season and preview the playoffs.  What if the Oakland A’s don’t make the playoffs, which team has the deepest pitching staff, the strongest bullpen, and the best line-up?  Dr. Mark stops by to discuss RGIII and a whole lot more so huddle up and enjoy, the leaves are starting to fall!

  1. SB Nation’s Steve Goldman – 1:29
  2. All In – 18:59
  3. Mike D from Southbend’s Lunkerville – 24:23
  4. Headlines – 32:52
  5. Dr. Mark – 34:13
  6. Weekly Top 5 – 37:11
  7. What’s in Your Tackle Box? – 40:32

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